“ Isn’t It Romantic”

In under eighty minutes, Dana Fox, Erin Carrillo, and Katie Silberman become the rom-com writers to spoof rom-coms. We begin with a big-face close-up of a young teen obsessing over “Pretty Woman” and identifying with Julia Roberts while force feeding herself popcorn. Her mother directs her to “forget about love” ,and most surprisingly, she does. Toxic rom-coms are bad for young girls seems to be the message. Enter Rebel Wilson twenty-five- years later.

Wilson plays Natalie, an architect paying her dues , relegated to designing parking garages. Nat is  sharp-tongued and funny, and says she can play office “coffee bitch” and design. Liam Hemsworth is the mega-rich Blake, who is building a hotel. He only looks like a heart-throb.

Adam Devine is Josh, the project manager. He is smitten with Nat. They are best of friends, but she will not join him in his favorite thing, karaoke. Betty Gilpin is Nat’s underling and best friend, Whitney. Nat listens to Whit tell her of Josh’s crush, but responds with ” I just what to have a man bring me a salad.” Josh gives a monologue about how Nat needs to be more open. She listens and opens herself up to a mugger.

With her head in concussion mode, Nat takes us to her dream-land. The emergency room is more like a Williams and Sonoma space. Her lost and found clothing a Southern-belle number replete with floppy, black straw hat. New York smells like lavender, and her apartment is redone in white and turquoise, and gelato fills her freezer. Her dog is posed in a glamour shot over the fireplace. She is the star chief architect while in her parallel universe! Blake rows her around the lake in Central Park. There are lobsters as big as a cat dined upon. And there are funny lines like: ” All those rich women have crabs.”

Director Todd Strauss-Schulson knows how to blast out the song and dance numbers, and viewers will be smiling throughout the reprises. There are slow-motion running sequences that are equally as enjoyable. prepare yourself for randy jokes on penis pepper-grinders and chlamydia.

Josh saves a beautiful yoga ambassador with the Heimlich maneuver, and her heart and a wedding ensue. Predictably, Nat realizes she is dating the wrong guy when Blake steals her design idea as his own and demands that she change her name to ” Georgina” to fit his circle of friends. Nat runs to stop Josh’s wedding and palm readers in Ibiza sigh. We have lots of fun with the message of ” Learn to love yourself” coming first. Fast-paced, silly, and manages to be a parody of its rom-com self.