“Force Majeure”

“Force Majeure” is a sophisticated & serious comedy of manners & gender culture. “Force Majeure” is not to be missed if you would like to advance a discussion of marital expectations, gender heroism, psychological truth and male bonding. I loved this film’s quirky humor as much as I did the beautiful frames of the French Alps,quiet & nestled under a million of stars.

Knowing the story-line does not ruin the film since it is the feelings that result from an event that take central import. A family is caught in a programmed Avalanche that seems to be out of control. The father picks up his cell and turns his back on his family and runs without saying “follow me”. He falls short of the manly hero his wife and children expect. He spends some time with his fingernails scratching off a small “chicken sticker” from their hotel room door. He tries to make a deal not to discuss it, he lies, he tries to relieve himself from obligation. His friend gives an excuse for bad performance using the title of the film as part of the Napoleonic Code, which relieves a party from legal obligation if said party is at risk. The survival code does not fly for a family seen as one in the spouse’s eyes. Now, can we overcome the effects of being abandoned?  Can we set up a test …another unforeseen event? Loved it!

Published by

Christine Muller

Carrying a torch for film is what I have done for over forty years, thus the flambleau flamed when I was urged to start a blog. Saving suitcase loads of ticket stubs was no longer relevent so I had to change the game. Film has been important for me in the classroom and a respite for me outside of it. No other art form seems to edge the frayed seams of life as neatly as when a film is done well. I am happy that over one-hundred countries have citizens viewing my thoughts on Word Press, and a few leaving their own with me. Over thirteen hundred comments to date, and over three hundred films reviewed.

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